Wrapping up in Ahmedabad

Today is a DIY day for the students, so they are out working individually and in small groups on their research projects or class assignments. I am camped in my hotel room, trying to recover from my Ahmdebad belly and finish grading my first assignment–their neighborhood mapping. They did really impressive work most of them. (I have attached a couple photos below). Their assignment was to map their neighborhood (or a portion) on a specific theme (land use, safety, road conditions, etc.) and then creatively present it graphically. I am quite happy with the project as it got them out into their neighborhoods in Delhi with critical, observational eyes. Some of them identified significant principles: like parks aren’t sources of vitality, but spaces for it to take place, so parks on the edges of neighborhoods are often poorly used.

We head back to Delhi tomorrow on the night train. I’m looking forward to getting back to Delhi and being in a more comfortable location (with better wifi). We’re just getting used to dealing with the challenges of India, and of course we’re ready to depart (March 9th for Senegal).Map1 sm Map 2 sm Map 3 sm


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